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Professor Sinegugu Duma

Dean of Teaching and Learning

Prof Sinegugu Duma has the following educational qualifications: Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, obtained from the University of Cape Town (2006); Masters in Nursing Education, Obtained from University of KwaZulu Natal (1998), B Cur in Nursing Administration and Nursing Education, obtained from UNISA (1994) and Diploma in Nursing (Psychiatry, Community) and Midwifery, obtained from Natal College of Nursing. She also holds Certificate in Sexual Assault Forensic Nursing and postgraduate courses in gender based violence and forensic nursing, obtained from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Baltimore, USA (2003).

Conversation in health sciences

This is the first interview in a series entitled ‘Conversations in Health Sciences’ that deals broadly with the topic of the transformation imperative within higher education in South Africa, and its implications for health professions programmes and academics within the School of Health Sciences UKZN.

 The series will continue with further episodes planned for the second half of 2021, dealing with other topical issues facing the sector and health professions education in general. 


Transformation within South Africa's Higher Education system: What does this mean for young academics in Health Professions Education?